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E Scan Fingerprinting offers digital fingerprinting service with RCMP processing in as little as 72 hours for industry leading results.

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How fast will I receive the results of my fingerprints?

With an E Scan electronic submission, your fingerprints are sent to the R.C.M.P. processing facility in minutes. If there are no matches, meaning there is no criminal convictions indicated, you may receive the results within one week of the submission. If there is a match, meaning a criminal conviction is indicated, the results can take anywhere within one to three months to be delivered.

How long does the eviction process take?

Many factors can affect the length of time an eviction can take. The most important factor in the process is to ensure that the paperwork served to the tenant is in order and served properly. The majority of delays are caused by improperly prepared notices and applications or improper service of documents. Often times, Landlords do not discover their errors until the day of the hearing when the mistake is pointed out by the Member hearing the application. Usually when this happens the application is dismissed and the Landlord must begin the process from scratch.

How much does it cost to evict a tenant?

If you hire a Paralegal you can expect to pay legal fees between $1000.00 and $2500.00 depending on the type application you are filing. Paralegals should meet with you personally and evaluate your matter for free before they quote you a fee. Remember not all Lawyers and Paralegals are experts at Landlord and Tenant Law. You should expect to pay a little more for experienced legal representatives. Be wary of legal professionals that charge low fees.

How much does it cost to fight a ticket?

Cost will depend on many factors including, the seriousness of the charge you are facing, the Court you are required to attend, the amount of Court appearances expected, and other factors that will be discussed in person. Fees should not be discussed over the phone. A face to face meeting to discuss all matters, including fees, should take place before a quote for legal fees is offered. Typically, legal fees for minor Traffic Tickets can range from $350 - $750 and more serious offences can range from $750 - $2500. Be wary of anyone who charges low fees for any type of legal services.

If I win in small claims court, am I guaranteed to get the money?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that you will actually collect any money that is awarded to you by the Court. Factors such as bankruptcy, consumer proposal, employment status, financial or social assistance can affect your ability of collecting the Judgment. Always discuss the collection issues with your representitive in detail before you invest significant funds towards a Plaintiff Claim.

What are my chances of winning when challenging a traffic ticket?

Once we obtain the disclosure and review the material provided by the prosecutor and local police service, we will provide you with a detailed opinion for you to consider. Then, and only then, will we advise on a course of action and provide you with various options. No Paralegal or Lawyer should ever provide you with a guarantee regarding the outcome, however hiring a licensed Paralegal or Lawyer should guarantee that you will make an informed decision that will affect the result.

What are the requirements for applying for a Record Suspension?

You must have been discharged from your sentence, including probation, for at least three years for a Summary Conviction Offence or five years for an indictable offence. You must also have paid all your fines or completed any requirements of the sentence such as anger management courses or driver education class.

What can I do if my landlord won’t attend to repair issues?

You must inform your landlord in writing about any repair or safety issues. If your landlord does not attend to your concerns you can file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board and seek an Order requiring the Landlord to fix the problems or to allow you to fix the problems yourself and deduct the amount you spend from the rent.

What is the easiest way to evict my tenant?

here is no easy way to evict a tenant. A tenancy can only be terminated by way of agreement or by way of an Order from the Landlord and Tenant Board. You can only receive an Order for eviction after a hearing is held based on an application that is filed. Only the Court Enforcement Office (Sherriff) can actually evict the tenant.

What kind of criminal charges can a paralegal help with?

If you are charged with a summary conviction offence, or if the Crown Attorney elects to proceed by way of summary conviction on the charges you are facing, a paralegal can assist you. You should have the paralegal review the case and determine if he or she can act before you provide a retainer.

What kind of criminal charges can a paralegal help with?

If you are charged with a summary conviction offence, or if the Crown Attorney elects to proceed by way of summary conviction on the charges you are facing, a paralegal can assist you. You should have the paralegal review the case and determine if he or she can act before you provide a retainer.

Why should I hire a Paralegal to assist with my Record Suspension?

ACF Legal Services are paralegals licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to provide legal services. Many other agencies that “specialize” in pardon services are not operated by licensed Paralegals or Lawyers. When you hire a legal service operated by a licensed Paralegal or law firm, you as a consumer are protected, and the service providers are guaranteed to be reputable and accountable.

Why should I hire a Paralegal to evict my tenant?

When you are dealing with issues involving your tenant you are likely to end up at the Landlord and Tenant Board, which is a legal process. Whenever you are involved in a legal matter you should seek and retain legal representation. As well, it is important to remember that you as a Landlord are required to know the law inside and out when it comes to your responsibilities to your tenant. If you do not know how to properly apply the law or conduct a hearing then you should hire a Paralegal. Real Estate Agents, Property Managers or unlicensed persons claiming to be Paralegals are not permitted to represent Landlords at the Landlord and Tenant Board.