Summary Criminal Court
We have been attending Summary Criminal Court for Lawyers and the public since 1997

Small Claims Court
Professional representation for private citizens and business clients, both large and small.

E Scan Fingerprinting
E Scan Fingerprinting offers digital fingerprinting service with RCMP processing in as little as 72 hours for industry leading results.

Landlord Tenant Services
ACF Legal Services can help you with your residential tenancy issues.

Traffic Ticket Services
We will help you fight your traffic tickets. Save points and insurance rates. We handle all accident matters including serious injuries and fatalities.

Traffic Court Legal Services

All accident matters including serious accidents or fatalities

  • Drive with Handheld Communication Device
  • Fail to remain / Fail to report
  • Careless Driving
  • Operate Motor Vehicle without Insurance
  • Driving while suspended
  • Racing / Stunt Driving
  • Improper turn
  • Red / Yellow light violations
  • Stop sign and other sign offences
  • All speeding charges

ACF Legal Services will help you fight your traffic ticket. Since 1997, we have handled thousands of cases and have the experience, expertise and professionalism to help you achieve the best outcome possible. We have dealt with charges in most Ontario jurisdictions and can help you with traffic charges in any Ontario Court.

Don't pay your ticket or plead guilty to a driving related offence without first seeking the advice of a professional. You may have a defence to the charge and be unaware, or other options may exist that could save you points, money on insurance premiums and in some cases, your driver's license.

When it comes to your driving record, don't take chances. You owe it to yourself to speak to a professional. Contact ACF Legal Services and speak with an experienced and licensed Paralegal about your traffic court charges. The phone call and the consultation are free.

We know how to help

We know how important your driving record is, and as such we will handle your case individually. You will meet with an ACF Paralegal personally who will listen to your concerns and then outline a plan of action specific to your realistic goals.

Our service is not inexpensive, however once you have ACF Legal Services on your side, you will rest assured that you have a professional representative fighting your traffic ticket and providing you with the options you need to achieve the result you want.

We Provide You With Options

When you retain ACF Legal Services we implement the following steps:

  • Initial client meeting
  • Offence notice filing or first appearance in Court
  • Obtaining disclosure
  • Review of disclosure
  • Resolution meeting with Prosecutor
  • Client consultation

After these steps are taken we will provide you with a legal opinion regarding your case and advise you of your options. We offer no guarantees regarding the outcome of your case and we are always straight forward and honest regarding your chances of success.

Careless driving is one of the most serious offences that you can be charged with under the Highway Traffic Act. It is also one of the most commonly laid c

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If you have been charged with the offence of Stunt Driving, HTA s. 172 (1), thenyou have been accused of committing one of the most serious charges set out

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Speeding offences are among the most common charges laid under the Highway Traffic Act. A speeding conviction generally results in higher insurance.

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The minimum fine for a first offence is $5000.00 and upon a second conviction, the minimum fine is $10,000.00. Why are the fines so high?

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As a Class G1, G2, M1 or M2 driver, if you get two or more demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter.

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