Summary Criminal Court
We have been attending Summary Criminal Court for Lawyers and the public since 1997

Small Claims Court
Professional representation for private citizens and business clients, both large and small.

E Scan Fingerprinting
E Scan Fingerprinting offers digital fingerprinting service with RCMP processing in as little as 72 hours for industry leading results.

Landlord Tenant Services
ACF Legal Services can help you with your residential tenancy issues.

Traffic Ticket Services
We will help you fight your traffic tickets. Save points and insurance rates. We handle all accident matters including serious injuries and fatalities.

Professional, Reliable & Affordable Paralegal Representation

ACF Legal Services paralegals specialize in full service legal representation and handle matters involving Traffic Tickets, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Board, Summary Criminal Court and Provincial Offences Court, including By-Law and Liquor License Act matters. We can help you obtain a Record Suspension (Criminal Pardon) U.S. Entry Waiver, collect a Small Claims Court judgement or even help find you a Lawyer. We are your best choice for professional legal representation.

Since 1997 ACF legal Services

We have been helping people like you take on difficult legal matters. We are experts in fighting traffic tickets to avoid demerit points & rising insurance rates.

We specialize in Traffic Tickets, Small Claims Court, Landlord & Tenant Board Record Suspensions, U.S. Waivers and more!

EScan Fingerprinting provides fast, reliable ectronic fingerprinting services for record suspenions, US waivers and background checks and other purporses.

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You may have been refused entry to the United States. A U.S. Entry Waiver will give you advance permission to enter. Free E Scan fingerprinting.

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Did you know that any term or condition set out within a lease agreement in Ontario is not binding unless the term or condition conforms exactly? We do!

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Speeding offences are among the most common charges laid under the Highway Traffic Act. A speeding conviction generally results in higher insurance.

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